About Us

Our Mission
The advent message to all the world in this generation.

Our History
Look out for our history. Coming Soon!!!!!

Our Motto
Not only a district but an attitude.

  • Not only a district?
  • TACUMA is a part of the South Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Trinidad. The Youth Department of this conference is divided into regions (North Region - North Trinidad, Central Region - Central Trinidad and South region - South Trinidad). These regions are further divided into districts. TACUMA is one of those districts that belong to the North Region. The districts comprise of churches within the same area. These churches usually have the same pastor or may comprise of churches that are pastored by the same set of pastors (pastoral districts). TACUMA is a combination of two pastoral districts. However, there are five pastors handling the district at present. There are seven churches within the district from Tacarigua to Curepe to Maracas (hence the name TACUMA). A list of the churches that make up TACUMA and their present pastors are given below.
  • Pastor Frank Mc Pherson - Tacarigua S.D.A.
  • Pastor Phillip Reid - Tunapuna S.D.A.
  • Pastor Linley Beckles - Good News Chapel
  • Pastor Donnie Balgobin - Curepe Better Living Tabernacle
  • Pastor William Cunningham - La Seiva S.D.A., Acono S.D.A., Lluengo S.D.A.
  • But an attitude?
  • Yes, we are people from a set of churches in a defined area in North Trinidad, but we are not only a district we have an attitude that comes long with being a member of this district. What is our attitude? There are four basic principles to follow in order to be a true Tacumanian. Wherever you go, you must:
  • Have Fun
  • Make friends
  • Set standards and
  • Represent (the Almighty)
  • These four rules encompass the attitude that is TACUMA. One must possess all four qualities in order to be a true Tacumanian. Are you a member of the TACUMA district? Then you will understand what it means to be TACUMA (the attitude).

Dictionary definitions:
to have fun, make friends, set standards and represent the Almighty.
someone who is Tacuma.